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Network Analyzer Plugin Now Available

The Network Analyzer (NA) Plugin is an open source OpenTAP plugin designed for seamless control of network analyzers. This plugin streamlines the process of generating measurements, saving results, utilizing Spectrum Analyzer (SA) mode, and performing calibration, all without the need for writing scripts.

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Newsletter #19

The April 2024 issue covers

• OpenTAP and Security Testing II - Vulnerability Assessment
• Introduction to Source-available Licensing
• OpenTAP Forum - Signup Now!
• The OpenTAP Ecosystem

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Newsletter #18

The March 2024 issue covers

• Verinco WATS Plugin for OpenTAP
• Elevating Test Automation
• Dual Licensing - the Good, the Bad and the Ugly
• New version of EditorX now available
• OpenTAP Forum - Signup Now!

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Virinco Announces WATS Plugin for OpenTAP

Today, Virinco, the company behind WATS, announced availability of a dedicated WATS plugin for OpenTAP, the open source test automation platform. Virinco has invested substantial time and effort in creating the WATS plugin, integrating OpenTAP via the WATS API, and unlocking a huge feature set far beyond just data storage.

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Newsletter #17

The February 2024 issue covers

• 2023 : The Year in Open Source
• AI, OSS and Test Automation
• What's in OpenTAP version 9.23
• OpenTAP Forum - Signup Now!

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Newsletter #16

The January 2024 issue covers

• Four Decades of Free Software
• OpenTAP and Security Testing
• What's New in OpenTAP Version 9.22
• OpenTAP Forum - Signup Now!

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Newsletter #15

The October 2023 Issue covers:

• Resist the urge to write your own license
• OpenTAP and the Internet of Things
• OpenTAP Plugins for Python Development
• OpenTAP Forum - Signup Now!

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Newsletter #14

The September 2023 Issue covers:

• Test Automation, AI and ML
• The Importance of Managing Open Source
• TCO Blog #5 - Cost Analysis
• OpenTAP Plugins
• OpenTAP Forum - Signup Now!

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Newsletter #13

The July/August 2023 issue covers:

• Building and Running OpenTAP on ARM-based CPUs
• Collaboration in Test and Measurement
• TCO Blog #4 - Support, Maintenance, Downtime and Compliance
• OpenTAP Plugins - Demonstration
• OpenTAP Forum - Signup Now!

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Newsletter #12

This issue includes
• PathWave Test Automation Developer now available via Community License
• OpenTAP in Education: Controlling Cobots at UCSC
• Total Cost of Ownership - Part #3: Legacy Migration
• New - Docker Services for OpenTAP
• OpenTAP Forum - Signup Now!

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