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Network Analyzer Plugin Now Available


Network Analyzer Plugin

The Network Analyzer (NA) Plugin is an open source OpenTAP plugin designed for seamless control of network analyzers. This plugin streamlines the process of generating measurements, saving results, utilizing Spectrum Analyzer (SA) mode, and performing calibration, all without the need for writing scripts.


  • Data Acquisition and Measurement Output

    The plugin offers robust data acquisition capabilities. You can capture, log, and save data from your network analyzer, enhancing your ability to monitor and optimize performance.

  • Spectrum Analyzer (SA) Mode

    Utilize Spectrum Analyzer (SA) mode for advanced frequency-domain analysis. The NA Plugin seamlessly integrates with your network analyzer to provide comprehensive SA capabilities allowing users to perform detailed frequency measurements effortlessly.

  • Calibration

    Perform calibration tasks without the need for intricate scripting. The plugin supports calibration routines, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of your network analyzer measurements.

  • Channel/Trace Setup

    Effortlessly configure channels and define traces/markers within the PathWave Test Automation editor. Tailor your test scenarios by specifying the desired channels and traces, allowing for precise and targeted measurements.

Getting Started


Download the NA Plugin installer from here Run the installer and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.

Build from source (Windows with Visual Studio installed):

git clone
cd Network-Analyzer
start OpenTap.Plugins.PNAX.sln

List of Supported Instruments

All active Keysight Network Analyzers with recent firmware. You can check the compatibility in below table. The main testing environment for this plugin is the N5245B.

VNA FamilySupported Instruments
PNAN5221B, N5222B, N5224B, N5225B, N5227B
PNAN5241B, N5242B, N5244B, N5245B, N5247B, N5249B
ENAE5080A, E5080B, E5081A
PXIM9370A, M9371A, M9372A, M9373A, M9374A, M9375A
PXIM9800A, M9801A, M9802A, M9803A, M9804A, M9805A, M9806A, M9807A, M9808A
PXIM9370B, M9371B, M9372B, M9373B, M9374B, M9375B
StreamlineP5000A, P5001A, P5002A, P5003A, P5004A, P5005A, P5006A, P5007A, P5008A, P5020A, P5021A, P5022A, P5023A, P5024A, P5025A, P5026A, P5027A, P5028A, P5000B, P5001B, P5002B, P5003B, P5004B, P5005B, P5006B, P5007B, P5008B, P5020B, P5021B, P5022B, P5023B, P5024B, P5025B, P5026B, P5027B, P5028B
StreamlineP9370A, P9371A, P9372A, P9373A, P9374A, P9375A, P9377B, P9370B, P9371B, P9372B, P9373B, P9374B, P9375B, P9382B, P9384B


The Network Analyzer Plugin is released under the MIT License. Feel free to use, modify, and distribute it in accordance with the terms of that license.