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Virinco Announces WATS Plugin for OpenTAP


Bridging from OpenTAP to WATS - The Virinco Plugin

WATS Test Data Management is a platform that provides the foundation for continuous improvement electronics design and manufacturing. WATS lets you collect and visualize test and repair data, quickly identify production yield issues, product failures, poor test coverage and performance problems.

Today, Virinco, the company behind WATS, announced availability of a dedicated WATS plugin for OpenTAP, the open source test automation platform. Virinco has invested substantial time and effort in creating the WATS plugin, integrating OpenTAP via the WATS API, and unlocking a huge feature set far beyond just data storage.

Plugin Features

  • Data Storage - Automatically upload data to WATS for easy access to historical data and real time monitoring of your manufacturing process

  • Offline Support – Test data is saved locally during network issues and synced once online: preventing delays.

  • Software Distribution – Test software updates automatically, facilitating easier rollouts and version control.

  • Serial Number Management – Serial numbers can be logged in full, granting test engineers total traceability and helping them avoid record duplication.

  • Repair Data Management –  Store all your repair data and tie it back to testing, giving you greater levels of analysis and insight.

  • Asset Tracking: Keeps tabs on equipment, including maintenance and calibration schedules, to stay on top of asset health.

Another Feather In Virinco's Cap

Virinco has already deployed the plugin live with a handful of customers who run OpenTAP, and it’s made an immediate impact. For many manufacturers, the security offered by an off-the-shelf solution is hard to resist, but for those who want to be able to control everything, and start managing test sequences in a cost-effective way – OpenTAP is the way to go.

 By bridging the flexibility of OpenTAP to WATS's leading test data management tools, Virinco lets OpenTAP go as farther with test data management. Stay tuned for updates on the plugin and how the upcoming 24.1 WATS release wraps a great big bow on this latest plugin.

WATS + OpenTAP - Get a Demo Today

Using OpenTAP and want to get more out of your test data? You need WATS. We’re ready to show you around the whole platform, so reach out today for a free demo.

Learn More About WATS

About Virinco

Virinco has a 20+ year track record of serving international high-tech customers. Virinco deliveries range from turn-key engineering projects to manufacturing-focused PLM (product lifecycle management) to advisory and solutions.

In short, Virinco helps customers bring better products and services to the market, faster, and at a lower cost than their competitors.

The Virinco customer and partner base ranges from small disruptive companies, to governmental bodies, to multiple Fortune 500 companies. Since its inception in 2003, Virinco's award-winning Manufacturing Intelligence solution, WATS, has acquired thousands of users around the globe. In 2016 Virinco expanded into R&D of disruptive IoT sensor technology, with the Vicotee brand, offering ultra-low power and high-reliability cloud-connected sensor technology and solutions.

Check out the Services section for more information on Virinco core competencies and application focus areas.