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OpenTAP 9.17 Now Available


The OpenTAP developer community is proud to announce the availability of release 9.17. This release focuses on new features and usability improvements in the OpenTAP test automation platform.

Key highlights of this release include . . .

  • Migration to .NET 6 – With this release, OpenTAP now supports Microsoft .NET 6.

  • Improved Behavior for DLL Dependencies – OpenTAP now emits a warning during startup if it must ignore a DLL for any reason. Also, during package creation, if OpenTAP detects that a DLL has ignored references, the process is aborted since not all dependencies could be resolved.

  • Improved Developer Experience – A system wide package cache has been implemented to improve build and installation speeds.

  • Migration to SmartInstaller – This release now uses SmartInstaller instead of Inno for installation.

  • Issues Resolution - This release addresses a range of outstanding issues.

Full Release Notes can be found at

Starting on March 4, you will be able to download version 9.17 on the Downloads page.