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OpenTAP 9.7 – Release Highlights


OpenTAP 9.7 addresses the following issues.

Welcome to the March 2020 release of OpenTAP, version 9.7. This release targeted key usability improvements. Some of the key highlights include:

  • Show package metadata and description – Implemented a package show feature accessible from the command line interface.

  • Leaner Docker image – Significantly reduced the size of the OpenTAP docker image.

  • Improved Documentation – Further improved the documentation on our website.

  • API Reference – The OpenTAP API reference is now available.

Show package metadata and description

You can now find information related to a package when using the command line interface. With a simple command you can view relevant package data. Use the command tap package show <packagename>.

The command allows you to see the package’s name, version, compatible architectures and platforms, its location, type, class, dependencies, status, the organisation that created it, contact information, prerequisites and a short description.

You can add different tags to specify where to search for packages and what information you want to display. You can read more about this in our documentation.

Leaner Docker image

In this release we are making a leaner docker image available. The new image is significantly smaller in size, only 339 MB compared to the 2.45 GB of the old image. The new image is smaller because compilers and other development tools have been omitted. It is still possible to use the old image in case you need those development tools.

Improved Documentation

You can now access the OpenTAP documentation from our home page. Moreover we have improved our search feature in the documentation so it is now easier to find information that is relevant to you:

Our enhanced search looks for the keyword in all available documentation and you can just click on the one that you need.

API Reference

You can access the OpenTAP API reference from the table of contents on our documentation site or through this direct link.

Full Release Note