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OpenTAP 9.12 – Release Highlights


OpenTAP 9.12 addresses the following issues.

We would like to wish you all a Happy New Year and welcome to the January 2021 release of OpenTAP, version 9.12! In this release we focus on several new features and usability improvements. Some of the key highlights include:

  • Taking the Pulse of the OpenTAP Ecosystem – we are introducing a new feature that allows developers to track the adoption of their package.

  • Expose more information about properties in AnnotationCollection – to improve support and performance of plugins

  • Support parameterizing lists

  • Changing the Visibility of the BreakConditionProperty – you can now change the BreakConditionProperty from outside the opentap.dll

  • Test Plan Reference Performance Improvement – improved performance when working with the TestPlanReference step

Taking the Pulse of the OpenTAP Ecosystem

We are introducing a feature that make use of the OpenTAP update check to track the usage of packages in the repository. With this feature, it will be possible for the community to follow the adoption of these packages and track the popularity of your own contributions. The update check is anonymous and can be disabled in a config file. Read more about this feature and engage in discussions on the OpenTAP Forum

Expose more information about properties in AnnotationCollection

The following information is exposed in the AnnotationCollection when available, as opposed to the ‘MenuAnnotation’ where they were exposed previously:

  • Property is parameterized (private ParameterizedAnnotation: IIconAnnotation, IEnabledAnnotation)

  • Property is assigned as an input from an output (private InputAnnotation : IIconAnnotation, IEnabledAnnotation)

  • Property is an output (private OutputAnnotation : IIconAnnotation)

  • Property is a parameter (private ParameterAnnotation : IInteractiveIconAnnotation)

These annotations are not added in a hidden state for performance reasons.

Support Parameterizing Lists

We implemented a new feature that will allow you to parameterize lists of simple types, such as numbers and enum values in general. Parameterized lists cannot be merged.

Changing the visibility of the BreakConditionProperty

If a test plan has more than one steps that produce the Error verdict test plan execution will break on the first error and the second erroneous step will never be run, as the default behavior is to abort on error. Changing this behavior is possible with the BreakConditionProperty but this property wasn’t previously visible from outside the opentap.dll. In this release we changed this so this property is now accessible from outside the opentap.dll.

Test plan reference performance improvement

This release brings certain performance improvements when it comes to working with test plan reference. You can see the specific improvements below: